That blog life.

Y’all, I have been working my tail off this year. I know that the bulk of what I do is weddings, and there is no end in sight to that, but the truth is, I shoot a lot more than couples tying the knot. Lots of families. Newborns. Portraits. Articles. Events. Food. I’ve even dipped my toes recently in to product, real estate and production photos. But if you have been following me the past three years you know my original love: Fashion.

Always Fashion.

Enter bloggers. AKA Gretchen’s way of doing lots of mini fashion shoots on a consistent basis. I get to be a bit of a creative director…Many times I will scout the location beforehand, and also be available to direction on the bloggers poses, as they can’t see what is behind the lens. I always try to experiment with angles to create different shots for the shoots. A blogger's personal style and attitude is very important to me. I try to be picky when it comes to working with bloggers...these people are constantly putting themselves and their style out there. It is so important that not only I can appreciate their aesthetic, but also our personalities mesh. If I feel inspired and at ease with a blogger, I enjoy the shoot and editing process a lot more. Side note: In terms of following, for me at least, its not about how many followers they have and more about if they have a vision I feel I can execute.

I recently started working with Allie of The Millennial Girl and the process has been so fun. Allie is high energy, like me, is easy to work with and is trusting of me as her photographer (hello, dream relationship!). While her personal style is a bit different from my own, I could’t ask for a friendlier person to work with on a weekly basis and I am so excited to watch where she goes.

Here are some photos from our first shoot and second meeting ever :) More to come from our collaborations!

Crescent Hill Louisville-2.jpg
Crescent Hill Louisville-13.jpg
Crescent Hill Louisville-34.jpg
Crescent Hill Louisville-19.jpg
Crescent Hill Louisville-26.jpg
Crescent Hill Louisville-29.jpg
Crescent Hill Louisville-21.jpg
Gretchen Bell