As those of you who follow me on Instagram may know, last week I was in Orlando and attended a workshop while I was there. I learned a lot about my photography business, client interaction, how to reach new leads, pricing, inclusivity, branding, you name it. But one of the first and most valuable things that they said to me was this: Be clear on your WHY. I loved this. I have always been so crystal as to why am pursuing this career so fervently.

These two rays of sunshine.


I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to work for myself, in a job that I absolutely love, despite the hardships the past two years have thrown at me.Being a single, self employed parent is no joke, y’all. Even though they are only 5 and 7, they both are curious about my photography (and even have their own cameras) and what mommy does for a living. They love when I come home from photographing families that they know from school or a wedding (my older son, Finn, is fascinated by weddings and is already asking to work for me, and my younger son, TT, will use any excuse to dress up and be fancy. He takes after me!).

I am working hard to put kindness and love into the world, build a future for them, and show them that they can be anything that they want to be.

And, as Finn would remind me, so that I can get “how much money to go to Start Wars World”.