Posing tips

Posing Tips for you Crazy Kids.


Shine bright like a diamond (kidding. Kind of)

Being one of the most awaited events in the lives of a couple, wedding celebrations must be thoroughly cherished and by doing so, capturing every moment through the eyes of a professional and personable wedding photographer is a must. As the saying goes, a picture is worth of a thousand words, and this is the main reason on why the images that contain all of our memories give us a nostalgic feeling just by merely looking at it.


If it is your first time being in front of a camera, or are super nervous and do’t know where to start, here are some posing tricks and tips that’ll help you look more natural in your photos.

Know your best angle

To know the right and perfect angle, you could take some selfies or spend some time in front of a mirror before the session starts. Tilt your head in different directions to determine your best angle.

Keep a natural expression

Due to nerves, excitement or overwhelming happiness, we as humans are inevitably prone to do some exaggerated actions. You may try to relax your face, breathe and pose naturally. An experienced photographer that has taken the time to get to know you can help you with body placement and getting you to relax.

Maintain your posture

Nothing beats out graceful posture, end of story. Always stand/sit up straight and do not slouch. This will help you look happier and healthier.

Be yourself


Out of all things that you must keep in mind, showing who you are and being able to let your guard down a little is the one of the best ways and the most important thing that you can focus on. Some couples preoccupied with worrying how will they look and to pose in order to look good. However, they should know that it is love and connection with each other that will makes a photograph beautiful and emotive.

For those soon-to-wed couples, it important to have a great connection with the photographer. You should be able to trust the creativity and artistry of your chosen photog and have an open dialogue with them. A good one will allow you to discuss what you want to happen for your wedding, and you all can exchange ideas freely. A mark of a good photographer is that they listen to what you have to say and they take that into consideration.

Aside from the technicalities of photography, the capability of the photographer to capture the emotions of the couple and guests during the wedding is also rare but a must-have element. Some photos can seem empty after being taken, thoughtful planning and a gorgeous background. A talented, professional photographer will reveal the genuine and raw emotions of the moment.

Preparation involves a lot of things to keep in mind, and you need to plan for every aspect of the wedding to make sure it will go smoothly. It one of the most highly anticipated day of many people’s lives, and a time you will always remember. Make sure it will be captured in photos wonderfully.

Consult with a knowledgeable, creative and trustworthy photographer to beautifully capture every moment. Do your research, check reviews and ask questions. When the lights come on and the guests have left, your photos are what you will have to relive your night over and over again.