Joy series #7


I take myself to seriously, you guys. Last night after several client meetings , the boys and I headed to downtown Louisville to Slugger field to enjoy a baseball game. My older son gets really into it, cheering, asking questions about the game of baseball (which I can offer *very* few answers to, and dancing his heart out ever chance he gets in hopes of getting noticed enough to be put on the big screen. My younger son attends for the ballpark food and carousel rides.



Last night, dressed in my blouse and full makeup on from working that day, I stood up and danced with my kids to try and get on the screen. I had a dance battle with my seven year old. I ate a hot dog and a giant cookie for dinner and I rode a carousel.  I suppose in similar fashion to being present, I have to sometimes let serious self go and  play. 

Apologies  for the iPhone shots, they were all I got from our outing. With any luck, I’ll be back and connected to the internet today people, keep your fingers crossed!


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