Getting to know Amy.


 Amy is someone I have known for many years OUTSIDE of the wedding industry, and it has been a pleasure working with her on several of my recent shoots. I wanted to let some of my readers get the chance to know her, so on a rainy Wednesday morning, armed with my camera and a recorder, we sat down for a little chat in her beautiful New Albany storefront. Here is the scoop on her passion for all things floral.

Disclaimer: I am not a journalist

G: Okay. So, tell me how long you have been a florist?

A: Well, I have been in the industry since I was seventeen, so roughly about 20 years. I started this business in favorite part about all of it is giving the bride her bouquet. 

G: Really? Like the reaction?

A: Oh yeah. They are always so happy, its something they have been looking forward to and I get to present it to them. 

G: Do you remember what made you want to become a florist? Was it something that you always wanted to do or was it something that you kind of fell into?

A: When I was a teenager I got really interested in flowers, even growing flowers, I think it was the home shows. You can go there and they have little booths...people selling roses and such and all these new varieties and such. I was a little young when I graduated High school, I was seventeen, and I needed a job and did not want to work in fast food. It needed to be something I was interested in and so I just visited a florist and got a job there. I was always a creative person, involved in art a lot. So, I think that they just kind of took a chance on me feeling like I could do it. I caught on pretty quickly and of course I loved it. I got to learn about all the different kinds of flowers, and I was already interested in flowers, so, I just kept doing it. I got a degree in art and worked with flowers the whole time. 


G: You got a green thumb and you just couldn't let go huh?

A: (laughing) No I couldn't let go, no. 

G: So if you could design your dream wedding or event what would that look like? 

A: Honestly I don't even know if I could answer that! There have been so many weddings that I have loved for different reasons, big or small. I did one a few years ago and it wasn't huge or over the top but there were so many details inserted everywhere. The girls carried lanterns and there were flowers on top. It was well thought out. And of course it shows in the pictures if you take the time and have those details everywhere. It defines the couple. So I don't really know if I have one wish, I mean of course I always love to do a big wedding with flowers everywhere because I love flowers. But, I appreciate that I get to do a lot of different things and work with different styles. I think that Is one of the draws coming to me is that I appreciate that and I can be very fluid. 

G: Do you feel like you have a style that you lean towards or a style?

A: I do love that I can work with every style but I kind of gravitate towards the more natural, organic shapes. To me that is how flowers would be found in nature, if you just picked them up. I think that can show through in my more personal designs. I think I tend to get people that come more for that style, but I am happy to work with designs that are more structured and elegant. 



G: And what about your favorite flower? If you had to pick?

A: That is so hard! But I would have to say I love peonies. They are so classic and elegant and feminine. 


I hope my quick interview gave some of my reader a chance to get to know a local vendor a little better! What would you ask Amy? 

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