Joy Series #11

Courage starts with showing up and letting yourself be seen.
— BrenĂ© Brown
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This entry, y'all.

I have so much Joy in my life through my female friendships. When I told them I wanted to do a photoshoot for this post, these four jumped on board and I am so glad that they did. Being behind the camera gives me such a sense of satisfaction. I am lucky to have a group friends willing to humor me and be my models for a lovely, late summer sunset photo series. 

Friendships aren't just good for laughs and birthday parties (although they're terrific for those, too), they're also vital to your physical and mental well being-and your longevity. Human beings need relationships to survive. Relationships require nurturing. And nurturing is a quality that this particular group of fantastic women embody inside and out. Showing up for these people, flaws bared, ready to accept and be accepted is one of the best things I have ever done.

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Loving friendships will nourish and enrich your life as you age. They're worth taking seriously. I am so glad to be here for the joy, the pain, the hurt, the struggles and the successes of my girlfriends. I am so glad to see them as they are, beautiful and flawed and human and absolutely right where they need to be. I am so glad that we got together to create some images together, I will always cherish them. 

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