Joy series #12

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My oldest son turned seven this week. He started first grade. 


I would be lying to you if I said that it is easy to watch him grow. It isn't. I miss having his tiny self that needed me once so very much. It is hard to watch my sons be so independent. It makes my heart ache to watch them mature, spread their wings,  question me, question themselves and their abilities. 

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Bourbon (3 of 3).jpg

So today, I am dedicating this joy to the evolution of my relationship with them. May I provide them space to grow, to guide them in their paths to becoming adults, to support and nourish their minds and bodies. May I show them trust and understanding, and model responsibility and happiness. Its a tough thing to be a parent, packed with doubts and worries that I never imagined. But the relationship with these two is beyond what my heart can measure, and I wouldn't trade the experience of being their mom, even when its painful, for anything. 

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