Joy series #4

Friends, my internet is down. Its been a day that I have spent, mostly on the phone with various technicians and support reps (four and a half hours total. Not exaggerating.), and ended in me shipping of my modem to Oregon, and throwing my hand up in surrender to my new, internet-less life on earth. 
For a week. 

I am writing you from my phone. 
So, as much as I would like to poetically spout at my love for the great outdoors, I am going to make my post about nature as simple as I can, and make revisit it with more prolific statements once I am able to better connect. 

Nature, you put joy in my busy life. I love you, I love the peace you bring to my mind, the swell you give to my heart, the peace you give to my mind,  the strength you put in my soul. Thank you for never letting me down. 




North Entrance, Yellowstone National Park 2016

North Entrance, Yellowstone National Park 2016