Joy Series, #1

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I have a really creative friend, y'all. She took it upon herself to spend 100 days taking photographs, featuring plants and people, and posted it on her instagram account. I can only assume it was sometimes a struggle, but as an observer, it was really a fun process to watch. I wanted to do something to challenge myself, too, but what?

I have been though so much personally in the last 3 years. One of the many things I have learned from it all is that life is what we make of it. Lately, I have been contemplating my purpose… spending a lot of time reflecting, listening to audiobooks (haaaaaaay Brene Brown and Jen Sincero, AMIRIGHT), journaling, etc. It has been a struggle at times to feel inspired, behave in a way that is engaging to my family, clients and friends, and stay connected.  

Connection is what brings me joy, and therefore connection is my purpose.  I am so grateful that my job actually brings me joy and therefore gives me purpose. I feel incredibly lucky to be in a profession that allows to me to create. Be present, earn trust, connect. 

So here it is. My 100 day challenge: Documenting joy. I will make 100 posts, one each day here and on my Instagram account, documenting the things that give me joy.

Today, it is being present to the connection between my sons. 

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What brings you Joy?