Finding Light

There are various elements of lighting that affect the quality of photographs taken. These include the placement of lights, quality and amount of light used, the color of the lights, to mention but a few.

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To create ambiance, all these must be properly balanced, and the help of lighting experts or photographers is important before the wedding day, just to avoid any last-minute rush which is prone to cause disappointments and spoil your happy day.

When talking of ambiance, it simply refers to the visual details in a photo that makes you relive the emotions behind it.

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Creating ambiance requires these considerations:

Lighting: It is much easier to create ambiance with a softer light than harsh light as it creates a moody effect that diffuses well without leaving behind harsh shadows. Without proper lighting, other elements that can help generate ambiance at a wedding would not be appropriately captured.

The quintessential moment: This is when a wedding photographer perfectly times the exact moment that tells the story behind a scene. Like just precisely when the cake is being fed to the bride or some other captivating moment.

Background: The background helps put a photo in the right context and places emphasis on the emotion of the picture. Creating ambiance in crowd photos is achieved by focusing on environmental portraiture while not forgetting the people.

Importance Of Lighting In Wedding Photography

Light is very vital in wedding photography in that:

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•Proper lighting changes the mood of the room and allows the wedding photographer to capture more detail than would otherwise be possible with less lighting.

•When lighting is done right, it adds some texture and dimensions to your photograph, thus giving a very impactful image that you can relate well with.

•Perfect lighting brings out the best in the reception venue, whether it is a tent in the countryside or a grand hall in the city. It also brings out the creativity of the wedding photographer.

•Excellent lighting that is well thought-out boosts the wedding photographer's morale and makes it easier to complement with the camera's lighting.

Problems Caused By Poor Lighting

•Capturing candid moments during a wedding needs proper planning on the part of the photographer. Too much light makes photos loose detail, and not enough may cause them to come out blurred and unclear.

•Poor lighting forces the wedding photographer to use off-camera flash which runs the risk of ruining the mood and looking very artificial, but this can be avoided with some creative fixes. As to see examples of low light situation, and your photographer should happily provide those for you.

Your photographer should have the expertise, experience, and passion for wedding photography, and really love being part of the love stories of happy couples.