Checking In

Hi, Y’all

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I’m writing to reintroduce myself to my readers, to say hi, to be accountable. I’ve been doing a lot more behind the scenes stuff lately. More writing. More Face time and in person connections, a lot less on social media…and more one on one time with Chris and the boys. So, people are seeing a little less of me, but the content is feeling more authentic when I do put it out there.

Its going to be busier than ever

I have more couples booked for this year than the past two years combined, and I am so here for it. I am so ready for it. I have redeveloped the way the I approach my business (focusing more and more on weddings these days) , I am doing everything I can to be a valuable resource to every person and couple that reach out to me, whether they book me as their wedding photographer or not. I am reconnecting with the joy of providing a luxury and a service for people when I preserve their memories. I am staying true to my core values and keeping at the forefront of my mind what an honor it is to be invited into people’s lives when they book me, no matter the occasion.

What is to come

This year is full of promise. I have added a photobooth to my business for my wedding clients. I am adding an associate photographer so that I can service more couples. I am traveling across the country for more and more destination weddings. I am as always, continuing my education and going to workshops. And I have collaborated with some incredible videographers so that couples can easily add that on to a package and know that their moments are in good hands.

I appreciate everyone that stops by my little corner of the internet to meet me. I will be focusing the majority of my content here, but will try to keep up with the Facebook, Instagram, TikToc, and what-have-you…as long as it feels like its coming from the heart. Stay tuned <3


Photos snapped by my awesome partner, Chris Humphreys

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