Joy Series #9


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I was recently hired to photograph a bridal editorial for a local magazine. Editorials can be so different from photographing weddings or portraits, but many of my techniques remain the same. I am so honored and grateful for the opportunity to create and collaborate alongside some of the areas finest vendors and have my work featured in print, and this body of work has inspired me to take on at least eight more styled projects for the remainder of the year. Projects like this inspire me, rejuvenate my artistic side, get me more comfortable with new techniques, lighting challenges, styling issues, directing, and raise the level of my work each and every time. 


It isn't always easy being the bridge between someone else's creative vision and a final product. I truly feel with enough symbiosis, honest conversation, realistic expectation and planning most ideas can be pulled off with a level of craftsmanship that leaves everyone smiling. I am so pleased with the way our shoot turned out and I am thrilled to share some of the images that didn't make it to print here. To see the full editorial and proper credits, check out a copy ofExtol Magazine

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