Hair and Filters

I recently asked Diana Hylton, a Hair Pro in New Albany, Indiana, to discuss with me something we all struggle with: expectation vs reality. I know I have this as a daily battle in my personal life, and I suspect I am not alone AMIRITE. Here is a bit on what Diana had to say about this topic.

Image used with permission Diana Hylton

Image used with permission Diana Hylton

My passion is giving women the hair of their dreams. I have spent over 2 years mastering the skills of hand tied hair extensions. In particular, a method called Natural Beaded Rows.

With this level of service, I ask my potential clients to send me photos of their current hair, and the inspiration photos of their DREAM hair.

It’s so fun with extensions because you’re not just looking for a color photo, but length, volume, color, and the whole package—a total transformation, if they so desire.

Being in an industry where everyone goes to social media for inspiration, I have found it incredibly important to manage these expectations. This Dream Hair photo may be more editing than reality.

With all of the photo editing apps that are easily acquired and used on our phones, most of the images we see on social media I have some sort of filter effect.

This is where I may have to break the hearts of clients who think certain hair colors are incredibly easy to achieve, when in fact they may not even possible or realistic.

I saw an article recently posted on a leading industry website about an artist showing a true photo of her work next to the filtered version of that same photo. She uses this to share with her clients to teach them the reality of what the hair they see on social media could truly look like in person.

I felt inspired to do the same. I took just a few photos of my work filtered them and posted those photos side-by-side to see the differences.

It’s amazing what filters are capable of. I get it! I would love to walk around life filtered. But the reality of life is... It’s not gonna happen. We don’t get to walk around with perfectly airbrushed skin with a dewy glow and no wrinkles. (Bummer I know.)

The work I share on social media is true to life. Do I edit my photos? Yes! I do minimal editing. But only to make sure the hair looks as it does in person. (Well, I may use a little bit of FaceTune if someone has a blemish or a weird shadow on their face, but again— VERY MINIMAL).

I’m not an incredible photographer, I don’t know exactly how to set my camera for that perfect lighting. Sometimes my photos turn out way too yellow or blue, or way too bright or dark.

I am learning to adjust white balance, ISO, and other settings on my camera to have that true representation in one snap, but unfortunately, I do not have those capabilities or skill sets...YET.

My promise to my clients is that what you see in those photos is what that hair looks like in person.

Diana Hylton
Owner, Mane Alley Color & Extension Bar