We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming (Joy series #14)

Y'all. I am one tired mama. 

Sunday I had my first fully booked family mini session date, and I am already finished editing (yay me!). And though I am slightly sleep deprived, I am so, so, so happy. 

Dedicating this post to the joy of the hustle, and giving you the super awesome, vibrant, laughter filled Keown Family highlights to peruse.  I have known this little family for about a year and a half.  Josh is one of my partner's closest friends, a fellow photog and writer, and his amazing wife Tyann is a resilient, hilarious, genuine human. And the little one....well, obviously he is my bestie.  I was so excited when I found out they would be coming out for photos. 

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Seriously. I love this job, and I get so, so much joy out of it. I love working for myself. I love feeling like I am Santa throwing a birthday party every time I deliver a gallery. I love making people smile and delivering images that I know will make a momma's heart leap. I am so humbled by my clients, and so grateful every time I am chosen to document the relationships that exist within a family. 

What is your favorite part about your job?