Liesl + Jeff

I'm gonna love you, like nobody's loved you
Come rain or come shine
High as a mountain, deep as a river
Come rain or come shine

 I really always cherish those opportunities to work with clients who go out of their way to make their wedding theirs. To stamp their own personality and quirks on how the day will run, the look & feel of the venue, the relative importance given to different parts of the event. I appreciate when they can acknowledge that it's their day and they want to do it their way. This laid back couple was no exception. Most would shy away from this weather and want to reschedule, but the overcast day actually worked for a multitude of reasons.Ironically enough, "Come Rain or Come Shine" is the song that they had chosen for their first dance, so the weather that morning was perfectly fitting. We snuck out early in the morning to the woods to capture some images for their engagement announcement.  Here is a peek at some of the magic we captured. I cant wait to see more of these two in the fall!


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