Rediscovering a gem

I was thrilled for this shoot, you guys. Jess is a yoga instructor, writer, and one of the founders of Connecting Things Louisville, a favorite monthly networking event of mine. When we were brainstorming ideas for her portrait session, we agreed that finding a location that featured her passion for literature would be a key element in showcasing who she really was.  

After a brief conversation, we settled on the beautiful main branch of the Louisville Free Public Library. It had been years since I had visited this branch. It is vast and old and the morning light was spilling all over the gorgeous marble. Jess had chosen a simple outfit that added to the straightforward, strong colors and lines. 

Sometimes, a shoot just comes together naturally. This was one of those mornings. An uncomplicated pallet, beautiful light, an engaged subject and a story that could easily be told with the visuals we had created. To date, this short and simple session produced some of my favorite images.