Dressing your Crew

We all know that getting dressed for a wedding isn’t exactly the easiest (I even deal with this as a photographer! Hello, array of business neutral jump suits!). Your wedding posse is no exception. Gone are the days of stiff taffeta dressed, uniformed puffy sleeves and a single shade or two of a signature color splashed everywhere the eye can see. Luckily, wedding outfit etiquette has updated over time, and attendants have not been left behind!

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That blog life.

Y’all, I have been working my tail off this year. I know that the bulk of what I do is weddings, and there is no end in sight to that, but the truth is, I shoot a lot more than couples tying the knot. Lots of families. Newborns. Portraits. Articles. Events. Food. I’ve even dipped my toes recently in to product, real estate and production photos. But if you have been following me the past three years you know my original love: Fashion.

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Gretchen Bell