Joy series #15

Togetherness, you guys. 

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Is it silly that I feel like I could legitimately do 100 posts about my job, the joy it gives me, the incredible people I get to meet and be with, the energy I get from it, the love I feel from it, the absolute THRILL I get when I deliver a gallery? Yes? No? Sigh. 

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One of the best parts for me about photographing families is encouraging and documenting togetherness. Everyone is present, because OBVIOUSLY nobody wants to show up to family photos with their cell phone out, scrolling away at facebook, which is something I feel like most people (myself...Included? no. Especially. Keeping it real) are guilty of from time to time.  Family photos are a great way stay focused and in the moment with each other, and it makes it that much easier to go home and be mindful with it comes to my own little ones. 

How to you celebrate togetherness?

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming (Joy series #14)

Y'all. I am one tired mama. 

Sunday I had my first fully booked family mini session date, and I am already finished editing (yay me!). And though I am slightly sleep deprived, I am so, so, so happy. 

Dedicating this post to the joy of the hustle, and giving you the super awesome, vibrant, laughter filled Keown Family highlights to peruse.  I have known this little family for about a year and a half.  Josh is one of my partner's closest friends, a fellow photog and writer, and his amazing wife Tyann is a resilient, hilarious, genuine human. And the little one....well, obviously he is my bestie.  I was so excited when I found out they would be coming out for photos. 

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Seriously. I love this job, and I get so, so much joy out of it. I love working for myself. I love feeling like I am Santa throwing a birthday party every time I deliver a gallery. I love making people smile and delivering images that I know will make a momma's heart leap. I am so humbled by my clients, and so grateful every time I am chosen to document the relationships that exist within a family. 

What is your favorite part about your job?



Joy series #13

Todays Joy is all about finding peace in my very limited alone time. It isn't often that I don't find myself sending an email or text, looking at my computer, scribbling in my planner, or doing some long neglected housework, or shuffling my kids to the store, an after school activity, the park, you name it. Sometimes I feel like if I don't move a hundred miles a minute, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. 


So I suppose this is a mini challenge for myself. I used to spend a lot more time on the yoga mat, or meditating, an I think reconnecting with that joy is something all of us can relate to at one point of another. 


Do you feel like you make time to be alone? Meditate? Do you prioritize stillness or alone time in your daily life? I'd love to hear some tips and trick from any of my readers that might make this commitment to themselves.