senior Ambassador program

First and foremost, Senior Ambassadors should be well rounded individuals, and have a good academic standing. Other qualities must include being social, fun, and should participate in extra curricular high school activities. 

In a nut shell, Senior Ambassadors are rising students that are hand-picked to represent Gretchen Bell Photography throughout their senior year.  In addition, those who have selected Gretchen Bell as their preferred photographer will receive discounts for being a part of the program.

 I am currently accepting both seniors graduating in 2018 AND students set to graduate in 2019 in Louisville and the surrounding areas. 


What does a Senior Ambassador Get?

Immediately following your acceptance into the program, we will schedule a meet up to plan your session.  By participating in the program, ambassadors receive a 30 minute mini session and rights to 5 images  ($300 value, applicable toward total cost of other packages. See requirements). By sharing your experience with us, you can easily generate referrals which turn into great perks for you!

Senior Ambassador Referrals!

• 1 referral = $25 digital credit (up to $225)

• 4 referrals = Free Mini Session ($300 value!)with family or friends (great for prom…must be used prior to graduation)

• 6 referrals = Free photography session

• 10 referrals = Free digital collection with print release.

Referred persons receive 10% off of their session, but must provide a referral card or state the ambassador by name at the time of session booking.  Referrals are considered complete after the referred session is paid in full and photographed.  The referrals program ends November 1, 2018.


Senior Ambassadors must:

• Be fully committed to the program, and have parental consent.

• Be social, friendly, and able to share experience.

• Fill out the application, and senior questionnaire.

• Sign model/rep. program contract (parent and student)

• Meet Gretchen Bell Photography for session consultations, and pick up swag as needed.

• Not work with any other photographer within their senior year.

• Distribute referral and business cards to classmates and friends, and encourage others to use Gretchen Bell Photography.

• Share your experience with everyone including on social media platforms.

• Use only attributed digital images.  This means you may not remove watermarks or alter the photos in any way.

• Be a good person… no illicit activity will be tolerated including bullying.  Illicit activity will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the program at any time, without warning.  Gretchen Bell Photography has the right to release you from your ambassadorship at any time, and will not be held accountable.

• A minimum of 2 referrals must be made to receive your 20% off.  If you fail to meet this requirement, you must pay this amount before you will receive your session proofs.

If you’ve made it this far, you must be interested.  Fill out the ambassador application, we’d love to hear from you. Although only two seniors per school may be chosen, we encouraged all seniors to apply. Please keep in mind that if you are not selected, it was nothing personal.  If an ambassador decides to step down or is disqualified, you could be the next person on the list. We wish you the best of luck!


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